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Introduction to radiochemistry, natural radioactive elements, periodic system and isotopes, nuclides chart, the principles of radioactive decay, nuclear chemistry and mass-energy relations, nuclear reactions, the fission of the nucleus, interaction of radiation with matter, half-life, radiochemistry units, radioactivity counters, route to the food chain, radioactive waste management, the use of tracers and nuclear methods of analysis, nuclear dating methods, the origin of the chemical elements, production of radioactive isotopes, nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear energy and the environment, nuclear reactors power; principles and types, the nuclear nightmare: loss of coolant accident - LOCA, key elements of the nuclear industry, radioactive pollution due to the operation of nuclear facilities, the nuclear accident at Chernobyl, the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island (TMI Accident ), the nuclear accident at Windscale (The 1957 Windscale Fire), the nuclear accident at Fukushima.


Elective Course - 3rd Semester

Teachers: C. CharitidisCh. Karayanni