R-Nano in the General Assembly of H.A.C.I.

R-Nano in the General Assembly of H.A.C.I.

The Hellenic Association of Chemical Industries (H.A.C.I.) organized at 13th of June its General Assembly, in which the School of Chemical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens was invited. The event took place in the National Hellenic Research Foundation (EIE).  A poster session was included, presenting the work of the main departments of the School of Chemical Engineering. The Research Unit of Advanced, Composite, Nano-Material s & Nanotechnology (R-Nano Lab) participated with two poster presentations, depicting its main research achievements. Emphasis was given to new precursors for the sustainable synthesis of carbon fibers, such as lignin. The whole production process was described, as well as possible surface functionalisation, including the growth of carbon nanomaterials on carbon fibers, to improve their compatibility in composites. Moreover, the cutting-edge technique of extrusion-based 3D printing was presented for the formation of precursor fibers destined for carbon fiber production. Finally, during the open session, presentations regarding the relationship between the chemical industry and academia were given, and collaborative projects, such as InnoChem, in which R-Nano lab is involved, were described.


Updated: 29/06/2016 09:01