Awards & Achievements

Award/prize of Thomaidio (NTUA) for the work Kartsonakis, I. A., Athanasopoulou, E., Snihirova, D., Martins, B., Koklioti, M. A., Montemor, M. F., ... & Charitidis, C. A. (2014). Multifunctional epoxy coatings combining a mixture of traps and inhibitor loaded nanocontainers for corrosion protection of AA2024-T3. Corrosion Science, 85, 147-159.

Award/prize of Thomaidio (NTUA)
for the work Papanicolaou, G. C., Charitidis, C. A., Portan, D. V., Perivoliotis, D. K., & Koklioti, M. A. (2014). Investigation of nanomechanical properties of multilayered hybrid nanocomposites. Meccanica, 49(11), 2645-2655.


Award/prize of Thomaidio (NTUA) for the work Charitidis, C. A., Georgiou, P., Koklioti, M. A., Trompeta, A. F., & Markakis, V. (2014). Manufacturing nanomaterials: from research to industry. Manufacturing Review, 1, 11.


Award/prize of Thomaidio (NTUA) for the work “Evaluation of the influence of innovative antifouling solutions on the environmental impact of maritime transportation” 2014, Conference, Life Cycle in Practice: Participation with poster presentation  written by Sophie Dropsit, Nikol Vlachou, Aikaterini-Flora Trompeta, Costas Charitidis, Olivier Talon.


Best Poster Presentation Award for the work “Development of 3D hybrid hydroxyapatite-biomolecules scaffolds and study of nanomechanical properties”, 10th Anniversary Conference of the Hellenic Society for Biomaterials, Athens 26-28 November 2015", D. Brasinika, D. Dragatogiannis, K. Basdanis, A. Tsetsekou, C.A. Charitidis


Award/prize of Thomaidio (NTUA) for the work "Nanomechanical properties of hybrid coatings for bone tissue engineering", Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials,25, 48-62 (2013)


Award/prize of Thomaidio (NTUA) for the work "Residual stress and deformation mechanism of friction stir welded aluminum alloys by nanoindentation", Charitidis, C. A., Dragatogiannis, D. A., Koumoulos, E. P., & Kartsonakis, I. A. (2012), Materials Science and Engineering: A, 540, 226-234.


Award/prize of Thomaidio (NTUA) for the work “Nanomechanical properties of Chitosan-graft-Poly(ε-caprolactone) Copolymers” 9th PESXM


Award/prize of Thomaidio (NTUA) for the work:  “Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured carbon from Fe precursor through thermal  decomposition of methane” 9th PESXM


Award/prize of Thomaidio (NTUA) for the work ", Nanomechanical properties of Hydroxyapatite (HAP) with DAB dendrimers (poly-propylene imine) coatings onto titanium surfaces, C.A. Charitidis, A. Skarmoutsou, A. Tsetsekou, D. Brasinika, D. Tsiourvas, Mater. Sci. Engin. B, 2013; 178:391-399"


Award/prize of T. Parousis's Diploma Thesis within Materials Science and Engineering Section (year 2014), entitled "Synthesis and characterization of protective antifouling coatings for marine applications" (supervisor Prof. Costas Charitidis).


Award/prize of MoDeSt Society for the work “Nanomechanical properties of plasma-treated polylactic acid for packaging applications” presented at the MoDeSt Conference held in Prague (2-6 September 2012) - Treasurer of the MoDeSt, Prof. Jean-Luc Gardette, President of the MoDeSt Society 2008-2012


Award/prize of Thomaidio (NTUA) for the work "Nanoindentation stress–strain curves of aluminum (AA6082-T6) and magnesium (AZ31) alloys", XXVI Panhellenic Conference of Physics Solid State and Materials Sciences, 26-29 September 2010, (oral presentation), C.A. Charitidis, D.A. Dragatogiannis, E.P. Koumoulos,


Award/prize of Thomaidio (NTUA) for the work "Investigation of the Nanomechanical Properties of Physically-aged Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)", Proceedings of the 26th PanHellenic Conference on Solid State Physics & Materials Science, 26-29 September 2010, Ioannina, Greece,  E. P. Koumoulos, V. P. Tsikourkitoudi, C.A. Charitidis, P. N. Eleni, M. K. Krokida, I. Ziomas


Award/prize of Thomaidio (NTUA) for the work "Bioinspired synthesis of hydroxyapatite nanocrystals in the presence of collagen and l-arginine: Candidates for bone regeneration", Brasinika D., Tsigkou O., Tsetsekou A., Missirlis YF, J. Biomed. Mater. Res. B Appl. Biomater. 2016, 104(3), pp. 458-69.



Award/prize of Thomaidio (NTUA) for the work "Nanoscale Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Plasma Nanotextured COP Surfaces with Hydrophobic Coatings", Dragatogiannis, D.A., Koumoulos, E., Ellinas, K., Tserepi, A., Gogolides, E., Charitidis, C.A. (2015) Plasma Processes and Polymers, 12 (11), pp. 1271-1283.


Award/prize of Thomaidio (NTUA) for the work "Microstructuralstudy and mechanical properties of dissimilar friction stir welded AA5083-H111 and AA6082-T6 reinforced with SiC nanoparticles",Pantelis, D.I., Karakizis, P.N., Daniolos, N.M., Charitidis, C.A., Koumoulos, E.P., Dragatogiannis, D.A.  (2016) Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 31 (3), pp. 264-274.


Award/prize of Thomaidio (NTUA) for the work "Influence of electrochemical copolymerization conditions of 3-methylthiophene and biphenyl on the morphology and nanomechanical properties of the films", Triantou, D., Soulis, S., Perivoliotis, D., Charitidis, C., (2015) Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 132 (38), art. no. 42575.


Award/prize of Thomaidio (NTUA) for the work "Risk management of engineered nanomaterials in EU-The case of carbon nanotubes and carbon nanofibers: A review", Charitidis, C. A., Trompeta, A. F., Vlachou, N., & Markakis, V. (2016). Transactions of the Materials Research Society of Japan, 41(1), 1-11.


Award/prize of Thomaidio (NTUA) for the work "Life cycle assessment as a prerequisite tool in maritime industry, Nikoletta H. Vlachou, Aikaterini – Flora A. Trompeta, Haralampos Sarimveis, Costas A. Charitidis, International Conference Energy and Environment in Ships, May 22 - 24, 2015 Athens, Greece


Award/prize of Thomaidio (NTUA) for the work "Mechanical behaviour of carbon based structures synthesized by CVD", 4th International Conference of Engineering Against Failure. 24-26 June, 2015 - Skiathos island, D.K. Perivoliotis, M.A. Koklioti, E.P. Koumoulos, C.A. Charitidis