NTUA establishes a 3D printing hub to fight the pandemic

NTUA establishes a 3D printing hub to fight the pandemic

The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) established the 3DP-NTUA Hub, to work on the preparation of face shields and other consumables, in order to support the healthcare workers in Greece, in collaboration with dedicated Covid-19 Hospitals, during the difficult fight against the pandemic.

Professor Costas Charitidis, Director of RNanoLab of the School of Chemical Engineering in NTUA, and Coordinator of the 3DP-NTUA hub Committee, explains:

“The Horizon 2020 Research Programs that RNanoLab coordinates, M3DLoC and Repair3D, which are dealing with 3D printed microfluidic devices and repurposing of reinforced plastics through 3D printing, respectively, offered the necessary equipment, experience and know-how, to produce through Additive Manufacturing the protective face shields. The equipment used includes lab scale, pilot scale and semi-industrial scale printing systems, which have been acquired from the EU funding of the aforementioned projects. This shows, how Research can be in the front line against Covid-19 pandemic”.

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  • On 15 April 2020