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International Conferences


1)      Nanoindentation analysis of light-weighted magnesium and aluminum alloys,

A. Skarmoutsou, E.P. Koumoulos, G. Kotsikos, D.I Pantelis, M. Robinson, Sp. G. Pantelakis, C.A. Charitidis,

3rd International Conference of Engineering Against Failure (ICEAF III), Kos, Greece  2013

2)      Nanoindentation analysis of composite engineering materials,

Elias P. Koumoulos, Costas A. Charitidis,

Eurofillers International Conference, August 25 - 29, 2013, Bratislava, Slovakia

3)      Evaluation of dissimilar aluminum alloys friction stir welding through nanoindentation,

C.A Charitidis, D.K. Perivoliotis, E.P. Koumoulos, I.A. Kartsonakis, D.A. Dragatogiannis, D. Pantelis, N.M Daniolos, P. N. Karakizis,

ICSAAM 2013, The 5th International Conference on Structural Analysis of Advanced Materials, 23 - 26 September 2013, Island of Kos, Greece





The SAFEJOINT project held an industrial workshop in Athens on 3 - 4th July 2014. The workshop was co-organized by the New Castle University and R Nano. R Nano members gave two presentations in failure modes of composites joints and dissimilar friction stir welding.

The 2-day workshop offered presentations from the SAFEJOINT ( project as well as projects Ybridio and PMJoin which form a cluster of projects on the topic of dissimilar projects supported by the EC, as well as presentations from leading researchers in the field of dissimilar materials joining. 

During the workshop open discussions were encouraged between industry and the research community in dedicated sessions to explore the future needs of industry in lightweight design and the future direction of research in the area of dissimilar materials joining.


2) Greek Section of SNAME, May 29 2014

 Topic: “Friction Stir Welding”


On May 29th, 2014, the Greek Section had its 9th Technical Meeting for the 2013-2014 season. In the presence of SNAME’s President Elect Joe Comer and of an audience of 33 members and 2 non-members, including a number of students of the National Technical University of Athens, Professor Dimitris Pantelis, Professor at the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens, and Director of the School’s Shipbuilding Technology Laboratory, presented the above topic.

The speaker first presented a brief overview of friction welding methods, including Rotational Friction Welding, Friction Stir Welding, Linear Friction Welding, Orbital Friction Welding and Radial Friction Welding. Subsequently, Prof. Pantelis focused on the details of the relative new technique of Friction Stir Welding (FSW). First, he presented the main principle, which utilizes a welding tool, consisting of a shoulder and a specially designed pin; the tool is plunged into the plates to be welded, while rotating and advancing at a welding speed along the joint line until the plates have been butted together. Then, Prof. Pantelis referred to the parameters affecting the welding quality, as well as to different types of FSW machines and welding tools. Subsequently, he analyzed details of the process, in particular material flow and the characteristic micro-structural zones formed. Then, he referred to possible defects, and summarized the main advantages and limitations of the method. Next, he discussed issues related to applying the method to the welding of aluminium alloys, steel, as well as titanium and copper alloys. He concluded by referring to specific topics of current research and examples of applications, including in the shipbuilding industry.   

The seminar was followed by questions to the speaker and an interesting discussion on the topics addressed by the presentation. Main issues discussed were: (a) the financials of the method, (b) its potential for the shipbuilding industry, (c) details of relevant research at the Shipbuilding Technology Laboratory of NTUA. The meeting was concluded with the traditional reception of the local section in an adjacent hall of the MARAN Tankers Management building.


3)  2014 Industrial Technologies


The 2014 Industrial Technologies conference was organised in Athens, Greece on April 9-11th 2014.  The event took place during the Greek Presidency of the European Council, following on from the previous successful Industrial Technologies events in Brussels in 2010 and in Aarhus in 2012.



2) JOINING SUB-PLATFORM TO MANUFUTURE, 1st General Assembly Stakeholder Meeting 

Thursday 28 November 2013, CDMA building, rue du Champ de Mars, 21 1050 – Bruxelles

Elias Koumoulos from the National Technical University of Athens presented the SAFEJOINT project. The project addresses the challenges of developing novel techniques for metal to metal and metal to composite Joining as well as developing novel techniques for the non-destructive inspection and evaluation of such joints in order to enhance confidence to designers and end-users of hybrid structures of their through life safe performance.